Welcome to the new PA Hackers community site! There are still a few things labeled as “work in progress”; however, we’re mostly finished!

So what can we look forward to?
A number of our community members have expressed interest in contributing write-ups, how-to’s, and general informational doc’s on various domains within the infosec sphere.

How soon will we see it?
Great question! Who knows?! All jokes aside, this is a volunteer run community. All of our volunteers have families, jobs, jobs, and hobbies. So pinning down a release date can be tough. But check back frequently and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Where’s the previous twitch stream?
This is a touchy subject… A certain individual, who shall remain nameless at this time, may have forgot about twitch’s retention policy and allowed the video to be removed before saving. Good news though! Our recording process is changing so this never happens again 😀 Our video section, for the meantime, will have links to previous presentations provided by our volunteers. Enjoy!