We’re looking for volunteers to present hack-centric topics to the group! If you know something and would like to share it with the group, please let us know in Slack! You can message any of the following volunteers in our group: Brandon (@Gek), Mike (@L0n3_W0lf), Floyd (@zer0uid), Dan (@run_dmc)

literally mike salvatore >>>>>>>

Additionally, we’re going to be starting a member spotlight post! Each month we’ll feature a new member of the community and get a bit of insight into what brings them to PA Hackers, how they got their start, and some more… eeeenteresting questions as well. Look forward to those starting in December!

Last night’s presentation by Mike Salvatore on strace was absolutely mind-blowing. Thank you to Mike for throwing that together for the group; and thank you Mrs. Mike for giving us so much of his time! Slides are up on our Github page if you’re interested in checking that out and the recording of the presentation should be on our YouTube channel soon — barring a terrible job recording by yours truly. Also, huge shout-out to our pizza sponsors, @jacoll and the Harrisburg chapter of OWASP! Check out their new group on meetup today!

Last but not least: BSides Harrisburg 2020 date released!!! Bsides Hbg was a huge success this year, it’s first, and many are looking forward to what’s in store for 2020.