2019 has been… interesting to say the least. I think most of us will agree on that. While it’s been personally challenging for a number of us, PA Hackers has exploded through 2019. Our group is larger than ever, and our meetups are reaching more people by the week.

Given that our group is getting bigger, we are going to start streamlining our agenda’s for meetups. Since our meetings run 2 hours, our presenters are volunteering to make very intense training exercises for us or an overwhelming amount of content. To help them out, prevent burnout, say thank you, etc. PAH meetings will follow this outline:

  • 5-15 minutes: Introductions, housekeeping, announcements, shout-outs!
  • 10-15 minutes: past months news, events, sponsor time, follow-ups
  • 1+ hours: Meetup topic meat and potatoes (or tofu and kale for our vegan hackers)
  • Final 30 minutes: Q&A, networking, socializing, etc.

Times will obviously be flexible based on content and activities. The shout-out portion is a new thing we’re trying. This is for community members to brag about their accomplishments. We don’t care how entry level or uber-l33t-prosauce-hacker-ish the accomplishment is, we want to hear about it and celebrate! Please send one of our organizers a message in slack to be added to our shout-outs! Additionally, since Brandon has been working so hard on finding sponsors that feed us, we’ll be offering our sponsors a couple minutes to say something about their company.

Here’s hoping everyone has a safe and happy holiday season! See you all next decade! 😀 …. sorry I had to